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Breathe In Music, Breathe Out Peace: a MindTravel Journey

22nd May 2019 @ 7:00 pm


Renew your sense of wonder through a live-to-headphone “silent” journey guided by composer, pianist, and creator of MindTravelMurray Hidary. We will begin with a walking meditation before moving seamlessly into an inspired, provocative live-piano performance.

Doors Open 6:30

Start 7:00

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Murray Hidary

The creator of MindTravel, he is a multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer. His purpose-driven approach is at the heart of his business success, acclaim as a visual artist and global recognition as a musician. Ever pushing boundaries and guided by a strong desire to help people find their purpose, Murray is now focused on his provocative musical experience MindTravel, touring it across the globe while also crafting his book No Dream Left Behind.


Experiential music company, MindTravel, presents its signature Live-to-Headphones ‘silent’ piano concerts throughout the year on iconic beaches, in beautiful parks and in other stunning spaces such as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. whether it’s for 100 people or 1000 people, this magical experience takes audiences on a profound journey as composer and pianist Murray Hidary’s real-time compositions are beamed directly into the MindTravel headphones that the audience wears. It’s a perfect way to relax while also experiencing a musical revelation spontaneously improvised, infused with wisdom traditions, theoretical physics and the power of communal elevation.