Berkeley College Fall 2018 Schedule *downloads xls file


Please find below the Bafoeg forms for you to fill out. You will input your full name. Check Yes for registered. Check Full-Time. Number of Credits is 30ECTS. For the institution name, input Berkeley College in the Berkeley College form and Pace University in the Pace University form. For the Department input your major in New York. You would be either: Marketing Management or Human Resource Management or Accounting or Tourism or Fashion and Design major. Check Undergraduate (since you are studying at the Bachelor level). You are in the Fall 2018 semester September 24, 2018 until December 17, 2018. You did have mandatory orientation from September 16th until September 21st, 2018. You did not apply for a waiver and you did not get a waiver (unless you know otherwise for yourself). For Berkeley College please input the fees as 4150.00 and for Pace University, it is 595.00. It is important that you are consistent with this information!

To Note: Hochschule Fresenius has been asked by some students to provide Berkeley College and Pace University signatures /stamps on two separate forms and by some, on one form. Please see below for both options.