Hochschule Fresenius and Berkeley College will organize your travel through STA Travel.

In 2018 the travel was as follows:

Please check the following guidelines for your Visa Requirements. If you are planning on staying in Germany for 90 days (or less) your entry with a United States passport should be fine. Visa Process in Germany for US Passport Holders

In Germany – U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt
Giessener Str. 30, 60435 Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany
 +(49) (69) 7535-2100 (routine calls, 2-4 p.m. Monday-Friday, except on U.S. and German holidays, and the last Thursday of each month.)

Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(49) (69) 7535-0
Fax: +(49) (69) 7535-2252
Passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and Citizenship:  All other questions: 

All students traveling through STA Travel will receive the ISIC card. Please read about it’s benefits.


  • September High 68° / Low 49° with average 9 rainy days in the month
  • October High 59° / Low 44° with average 9 rainy days in the month
  • November High 49° / Low 37° with average 11 rainy days in the month
  • December High 43° / Low 33° with average 12 rainy days in the month

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