August 19 – August 30, 2019

Prof. Tricia Striano Skoler will bring her expert research skills and her hands-on entrepreneurial spirit to the boot-camp style workshop at Hochschule Fresenius New York on Digital Entrepreneurship + Startup Culture

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Learning Objectives: The students acquire the theoretical and practical basics of entrepreneurship and startup management in the digital economy. They are familiar with the essentials of entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial behavior as preconditions for sustainably successful action in the startup environment as well as in existing organizations (intrapreneurship). Students possess the necessary competence to develop viable business models in the digital economy. They can write and evaluate business plans for successful entrepreneurial as well as intrapreneurial initiatives. Furthermore, students can identify and apply analytical and methodological tools for discovering opportunities and managing risk in digital startups.

Design Principle: This course has been designed with the ‘entrepreneur’s perspective’ principle whereby students gain a hands-on practical approach within a semi-simulated environment. In the Masters’ Weeks workshop, students will learn by doing through networking with real-world institutions and gaining insights in to mindset involved. There will be analytical rigor in class and logical decision making. The pedagogical style will be a workshop model with a hybrid of guest speakers and industry visits as well as the instructor who will serve as your mentor through the process.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to be present, punctual, prepared and participative in ALL class sessions. Attendance is mandatory for all class and course appointments. Absence in any class must be communicated in advance to the instructor as well as

2019 Cohort

  • Al Khalidi, Sada                Corporate Communication
  • Annen, Helena                  Sustainable Marketing & Leadership
  • de Buhr, Jens                    Sustainable Marketing & Leadership
  • Degroot, Adriana             Business Psychology
  • Figge, Laura                      Media and Communication
  • Königsberger, Isabella    Corporate Communication
  • Lichtenthäler, Leonie      Sustainable Marketing & Leadership
  • Mantell, Michaela           Sustainable Marketing & Leadership
  • Molter, Lena                     Business Psychology
  • Neisse, Stephanie             Corporate Finance & Controlling
  • Quinten, Lea                     Business Psychology
  • Schaab, Paulina                Business Psychology
  • Suffel, Celine                     Business Psychology
  • Schaller, Eva                      Wirtschaftspsychologie

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