There are many opportunities for you if you are considering an internship in the United States. First and foremost begin your research by understanding visa regulations. If you are holding a German passport you need to apply for a special internship visa unless you are planning on doing your internship following integrated semester abroad.

Internship Offers that pass our desk are posted on the above link.

There are two ways you could approach an internship in the United States as a Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences student (Bachelor or Master).

OPTION 1 – Semester study program followed by an internship (Bachelor students)

Your semester study visa at Berkeley College allows you to extend your stay in the United States for an additional 3 months for a qualified internship. As you may already know, internships are often unpaid positions however, if you find a paid internship, that would be fine as per visa regulations as part of the integrated study-abroad program.

If you are applying for internships before the start of the semester in New York, make sure you update your resume and cover letter. There is no “one-way” to do this. Here is a style-guide from Harvard University that might be a good starting point to create your own brand!

Make sure you check the Internship section of this website for active internship offers.

Follow the instructions to apply carefully. You would need to make sure you send a cover letter for each position.

Websites that you could consider are Indeed and LinkedIn to get started for looking for internships.

Be careful before you post your resume online as you might also open yourself up for scams / spams. Do your research!

LinkedIn Group of Fresenius Students who are interning or have interned in the United States.

  • Finding internships through your personal contacts (you can start this step today)

You should reach out to your own personal networks to see if you could secure an internship. (If you are enrolled in the integrated semester study program, you may not take an internship during your semester study.) Reach out to previous and current employers as well as family networks and inform them about your desire to gain experience in the United States. This approach is quite successful since prospective employers may already know you / your work ethic / your background and would want to support your professional development.

  • Finding internships through the help of Berkeley College (you need to start this step when you apply to Berkeley and then follow up when in the US)

When you apply for your semester study at Berkeley College, make sure you click “yes” on interested in internships. Berkeley College will host a mandatory workshop during the first couple of weeks of your semester that will help you in putting together a US style resume. The careers department can also help make connections in the field in which you would like to intern. You would begin by attending the workshop that Berkeley College sets up and then following up with the careers representative directly. I have found that students have had some great connections through Berkeley College and completed some envious internships while in the United States.

  • Finding internships through networking (you can start this step on arrival to the US)

This method requires you to be proactive about reaching out to your field of interest and prospective employers. You could send an introductory letter and ask to meet with someone in the department where you can pitch why you would be a good fit for an internship with them. Since you are a student, you will be surprised how open some companies can be to such an opportunity and fit.

OPTION 2 – Independent internship (Bachelor or Master students)

If you are not participating in the integrated semester study program and would like to pursue an independent internship in the United States, you can follow the above steps with modifications.

The most important factor besides securing an internship is a valid US visa – since your visa will not be sponsored, you will need to contact the German American Chambers of Commerce who are Hochschule Fresenius’s recommended partners in sponsoring internship visas. For GACC-NY to sponsor your visa, you need to already have secured an internship. Please contact Ms. Nayar via email for clarification.