Strategisches Management:

  • Knowledge of the task of strategic management
  • Knowledge of the field of action of strategic management
  • Ability to transfer theoretical knowledge to practice
  • Methodical competence regarding the use of strategic management instruments


  • Basic knowledge of the most important fashion theories
  • Differentiation of different analytical explanatory approaches
  • Ability to classify and analyze the phenomenon of mode on the basis of simple problems
  • Competence to recognize the fashion-theoretically relevant disciplines
  • Competence in terminologically trained argumentation


Utilizes skills learned in previous courses to develop a successful fashion business.  Students analyze current market trends and activities, assess consumer needs, and develop sustainable products/services that will meet market demand. Students develop strategies to sell and promote their products/services competitively across multiple distribution and marketing channels.


  • Evaluate fashion market and trends using sound research methodologies.
  • Identify market needs for products and services.
  • Develop a business plan to execute on a market opportunity. 
  • Develop products and services that meet consumer demand, with an emphasis on pricing, quality and distribution. 
  • Develop omni-channel promotional strategies to engage customers. 
  • Evaluate aspects of operations management, including decision-making, planning and scheduling issues, management of human resources.
  • Evaluate aspects of product and inventory management, including global supply chain, resource and material management, sustainability and quality control
  • Identify opportunities for innovation to optimize margins and profits, or scale business. 


*The outline can be updated due to pedagogical freedom exercised by the course instructor.

Week Topic Assignment
Week 1 Course Introduction; Introduction of Capstone Project; Group Organization  
Week 2-5 Unit One: Assessing The Market Review of Environmental Scans, Trend Forecasting, Consumer Research Methodologies in research (library visits) Students work in their groups on Part A.  Due at the end of Week 5. Industry Speaker on Marketing / Trends Part A (Week 5)
Week 6-9 Unit Two: Creating a Business Plan Review Omni-Channel Retailing Operations and Strategies, Branding and Marketing Review basic financial planning How to create a cohesive business plan Students work in their groups on Part B. Due at the end of Week 9. Industry Speaker on Entrepreneurship or Business Innovation Part B (Week 9)
Week 10-14 Unit Three: Product Development & Launch Review of Product Development, Merchandise Planning and Buying, Content Development Methodologies in oral and visual communication in a fashion environment. Students work in their groups on Part C, in addition to making necessary changes to Parts A & B. Industry Speaker on Advertising, PR or Digital Engagement Final Capstone Project Due  (Week 14) Part C (Week 14)
Week 15 Capstone Presentations to Industry Capstone PowerPoint Presentation