There are so many venues for health and fitness in New York City. In 2020, the fitness industry went through an overhaul with many gyms and studios changing their fee models and virtual platforms becoming diverse and accessible.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the prominent gyms and studios that you might be interested in exploring further. This is not a ‘full’ list of options. There are boutique gyms and studios in every neighborhood!

Costs vary dramatically between whichever choices you make. For e.g. PlanetFitness would be approximately 30 to 40 dollars a month (incl. taxes, fees, etc) and Equinox can run you 250 dollars a month. You could also just pay per class where it would be on average 35 to 45 dollars a class.

Whatever your fitness goals and price range – there is something for everyone in New York City to be healthy!

Physical Gyms and Studios

Virtual Offers

Free / Low Cost Options

There are also many free options in New York. Check out Shape Up NYC for this program. You can also check out specific parks – for e.g. Bryant Park has free yoga, tai chi, pilates, etc on specific days.

Some studios offer a sliding scale / donation based practice as well. Keep an eye out for these spaces. Also check out websites like Groupon, Gilt City, and others for deals. Don’t forget – Time Out New York can be a very handy resource for fitness as well as culture.

If you have health insurance / or some specific credit cards – don’t forget to check if they provide any benefits for fitness and health!