Our Space

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences’ New York study center is situated inside the Berkeley College’s 41st Street campus. We are conveniently located on 41 Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue, across from the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, quick walk to Grand Central and Times Square. Our unique vantage point allows us access to the midtown facilities as well as famous New York sites.

To have a 360degree tour of our rooms click here.

Room 1501 26 chairs (more freedom as the ‘tables’ are attached to each chair)

Room 1502 23 chairs (with long – 3 chairs per table – and short – 2 chairs per table)

Room 1503 22 chairs (with short – 2 chairs per table)

Room 1504 (Conference Room) 10-14 chairs (with short tables but arranged conference room style)

All rooms are smart board equipped with a computer and projector already installed. Contract will be signed between German Higher Education Bridge Inc. and rentee to determine use of classrooms and availability of space. Please contact priya.nayar@hs-fresenius.de for details.

  • Wifi can be provided on site for use.
  • Unisex bathrooms are available on the floor.
  • Kitchenette use is not permitted unless with prior confirmation. 

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