Management im globalen Kontext

International Management is offered at Berkeley College

An introduction to the various aspects of international management. Topics include the challenges of managing international organizations, the impact of culture on organizations, and the management of cultural diversity at home and abroad.

Learning Outcome

Students will recognize and interpret the theoretical interrelationships of business entities operating internationally on the division of labour and explain the intercultural competencies of decision-makers required in international or global value chains. They identify the management-related issues of international corporate management and define the essential fields of action of intercultural corporate management. A particular focus is on personnel management, leadership and the management of multicultural teams.

In addition, the students outline the essential operational decisions associated with the internationalisation of companies and recognise the corresponding activities in the company as well as the associated advantages. They describe the cross-functional dimension of international management and its interdependencies across structures and processes.

Based on their knowledge of the demands placed on internationally active managers, students are able to apply techniques with which managers solve problems that arise.


  • Intercultural business management as a challenge of the modern economy
  • Theoretical basics
  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Human Resources Management
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Multicultural Teams
  • The international manager
  • Conceptual principles of international management
  • Theories of international business activity
  • Strategies of internationalization
  • Internationalization and operational subfunctions
  • Culture and International Management
  • Examples of cases/exercises