M-VB-1 Leadership and Management

Learning Outcomes:

After successful completion of the module, students will be able

  • to illustrate approaches of systematic leadership theory for human resource management and motivation of employees as well as to examine the importance of envisioning and formulating goals in this context,
  • to present new leadership methods such as digital, virtual leadership and to evaluate them in terms of their goal orientation,
  • to use case studies to demonstrate how and where traditions and paradigms of strategic management are still identifiable today, and
  • to derive and evaluate concepts of leadership of individuals, teams and companies in a continuously changing and increasingly complex environment from specific case situations.

Course contents:

1. Leadership in the context of society

  • Development of leadership for different target groups
  • Ethical and sustainable aspects of leadership
  • Understanding and function of contemporary leadership
  • Current framework of conditions, market developments and trends

2. Leadership of individuals

  • Development of leadership styles, models, theories, techniques, approaches.
  • Quality criteria and competence models of leadership
  • Measuring “leadership success” or leadership quality

3. Leadership of teams

  • Team development
  • Instruments of team leadership
  • Leadership of global teams
  • Special aspects of virtual teams and leadership

4. Leadership of companies

  • Traditions and paradigms of strategic management
  • Concepts of strategic management
  • Processes/Phases: Analyze, Formulate, Execute
  • Strategic information management as a prerequisite

5. Leadership and New Work

  • Digitalization (Digital Leadership)
  • Flexibility (Agile Leadership)
  • Internationalization (International Leadership)

21 Hours (17.5 hours class time + 3.5 hours self study) | Activities Include: Metrocard, Orientation (coffee + baked goods), 1 Group Activity (Yankee Stadium or Bowling, etc), New York Landmark Views Building (One World Observatory, Empire State, etc), Farewell Lunch (subjective to change and availability)
Assessment: Group Presentation and Self-Assessment Exercise