Non-Credit Course Title: Leadership in Global Markets
Participants: Master-level students

Today, the fashion industry’s value chain extends throughout the world. The concept of management must adapt and align with the concept of leadership in the intercultural context.
The aim of this seminar is to highlight current leadership challenges and illustrate basic approaches to practical dealings with intercultural employees.

Learning outcomes
● Methodological skills to assess the role of leadership in different intercultural environments
● Knowledge of employee and intercultural management
● Ability to reflect on own concept of leadership

Course content will include
● Basic principles of perception, radical constructivism
● Management perspective: Reflection on a modern concept of leadership
● Employee perspective: The different roles and tasks of employees
● Intercultural perspective: Heterogeneity, contrast global leadership styles (Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions)
● Changing the context: Virtual management
● Changing management challenges: Resilience and work/life balance

Required Previous Knowledge
● AMD courses in “Vertical Processes and Product Management”
● General and Organizational Management

Assessment Criteria: Assignments and presentation

Recommended Reading / Websites / Periodicals:

● Covey, Stephen, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Simon and Schuster, 2013, ISBN: 9781476740058

● Hillery, Julie L., Paulins, V. Ann, “Ethics in the Fashion Industry” Fairchild Books, 2009, ISBN: 9781 56367533I

● Kotter, John P., “Leading Change” Harvard Business Review Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4221-8643-5 (alk.paper) 1. Organizational change 2. Leadership 3. Industrial Organization 4. Strategic planning

● Martin, Roger, “The Design of Business,” First eBook Edition: October 2009 ISBN: 978-1-422-17780-8

● Website:

● Website:

● Forbes online

● INC magazine online

Module 1 Assignment based on WindowsWear Tour: “Leadership in Global Markets”
Choose Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Saks or Bergdorf Goodman – research the company organizational structure / leadership team/global expansion. Detailed instructions will be provided by Instructor.

Module 2 “Leadership in Global Markets”: Lecture, PowerPoint and discussion
– Overview of Management
– Basic Organizational Design-Global Comparison
– Management’s’ Constraints and Challenges

Module 3 Assignment #1 Windowswear Tour “Leadership in Global Markets” due.
Prep for Class: Self-Assessment–Geert Hofstede

Module 4 “Leadership in Global Markets”: Lecture, PowerPoint and discussion
– Managing in a Global Environment
– What is your global cultural perspective?
Self-Assessment–Geert Hofstede
Assignment #2: Leadership Characteristics – C-Suite Highlight

Module 5 Guest Speaker: To Be Confirmed
“Management Perspective: Reflection on Modern Concept of Leadership/Management”
Details of Assignment #3 Topic Selections:
“Trends in International Management” or “Innovative Global Leadership Strategies” *to be approved by Instructor in Class

Module 6 “Leadership in Global Markets”: Lecture, PowerPoint and discussion
– Managing Change and Innovation
– Contemporary Issues in Managing Change

Module 7 Guest Speaker: To Be Confirmed
“Employee Perspective: The different roles and tasks of employees in global working environments.”
Assignment #3 Presentation “Trends in Intercultural Management” or “Innovative Global Leadership Strategies”

Module 8 “Leadership in Global Markets”: Lecture, PowerPoint and discussion
Final Presentations: “Trends in Intercultural Management” or “Innovative Global Leadership Strategies”
Seminar Summary and Reflection

Assignment #1 “Leadership in Global Markets” based on Windowswear Tour DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
Choose: Macy’s or Lord & Taylor or Saks Fifth Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman
Research the company of your choice. Examine the following:
● Organizational structure
● Leadership team
● Global expansion
Assignments instructions: Build on the Marketing assignment.
● How effective is the store presentation to reach the company’s target customer?
● Does the visual presentation in any way exemplify the mission and vision of the company?
● There has been considerable media attention for most of these companies recently. Based on your research of the structure and the team is the direction of the business clear?
● Are there concerns of the shareholders regarding the current economic strategy by leadership?
● Can you determine if technology implementation is a key strategy of the leadership team? How? What is the objective?
● Can you draw any comparisons to businesses in your home country?
● 2 page maximum Microsoft Word document.
● Essay, bullet or numbered acceptable.
● No cover page required
● Heading must include your name, date, and title of the assignment.
● Bibliography of resources required as 3rd page.

Assignment #2: Leadership Characteristics DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
Consider Leadership characteristics from the diverse list of leaders below. Select one leader below.

  • Identify the leader’s traits and/or characteristics.
  • Which contemporary view would you say defines the leader you have selected?
  • Are they transformational, transactional or charismatic?
  • What leadership models/theories do you see in the leader of your choice? Describe why.

    Defend your decisions. Can you add specific examples from research that illustrates the leader’s characteristics?
  • Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon
  • Angela Ahrendts, Apple
  • John Donahue, CEO, EBay
  • C. Douglas McMillon, CEO, Walmart
  • Indra Nooyi, CEO, PepsiCo
  • Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
  • Virginia M. “Ginni” Rometty, President, CEO, IBM 8. Lars Rebien Sørensen, former CEO of Novo Nordisk 9. Peter Terium, CEO of German Utility RWE
  • Suggested leader of your choice? Talk to Instructor!

    Format: Same as Assignment #1.
    Assignment #3 for Presentation DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
    Details to be distributed when topics are selected in class
    “Trends in Intercultural Management” or
    “Innovative Global Leadership Strategies”
    TO BE PRE-APPROVED in class by Instructor