Business Negotiation Competence (Verbund 4. FS)

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution is offered at Pace University, New York

Hochschule Fresenius, 4th Semester Students

The goal of this course is to develop interpersonal skills, and the ability to work effectively with others. The issues of power and influence, corporate culture and group dynamics are studied. Students learn selected negotiating strategies and tactics and apply them in practical cases.

Learning Outcome Business Negotiations Competence

Students are able to successfully lead discussions and negotiations with English-speaking partners. They do not only have the ability to define their own position in various business-related negotiation situations but also to negotiate problems and are hence capable of efficiently working together with others. Further, students know common phrases and are able to integrate these. They clearly define their position convincingly and in compliance with time limits differentiate various negotiation styles in consideration of their characteristics and distinctiveness and are able to apply these in practice. Students identify the objectives of their negotiation partners with great sensibility und consider them when conducting a conversation. In addition, students represent their own interests and those of any third party professionally in discussions and negotiations, while at the same time aspiring towards consensus with their conversational partner.