Umsetzung im Marketing Management

New Product Development offered at Berkeley College

Identifies the various steps through which new products are developed. The following will be discussed: idea generation, concept development and testing, marketing strategy, business analysis, market testing, and commercialization. Emphasis is placed on the activities through which cost estimates become budgets, prototypes become products, and sales plans become sales calls.

Learning Outcomes Operative Marketing Management

In this course, students learn about the central measures and methods for the strategy-compliant design of market-oriented exchange processes. Students will understand the basics, goals and methods of the four classic instruments of the marketing mix. In addition to the classical contents of operative marketing management, students will be able to analyze and evaluate the methods of marketing instruments. Students can develop concrete plans within the individual instruments as well as an integrated concept for the entire operative marketing. Through the obligatory evaluation of an academic term paper within the framework of this module, students are prepared for the preparation of their final thesis.


  • the classification of the marketing mix within marketing management
  • performance policy
  • communication policy
  • pricing policy
  • distribution policy
  • integration of the marketing mix
  • excursions