Academic & Business Writing

Pre Grad Academic Skills, Pace University

This course addresses the nature of written communication with the goal of acquiring and practicing the tools and techniques necessary to compose successful correspondence in the graduate school and professional arenas. We will examine the audience, register, intent, construction, editing and evaluation of writing for business and academic purposes. The class is structured to integrate written language theory and rules with practical application and will stress critical thinking and decision making as they relate to graduate writing, case studies and other assigned writing.

Hochschule Fresenius Module Contact

Timo Förster, M.Sc.

Hochschule Fresenius Learning Outcomes

The students understand the process of scientific work, starting from the literature research, to structured planning as well as writing and correct citation. They can identify different types of writing, including reports, essays and systematic reviews. The students are equipped for professional life – professional letters, e-mails or content for websites, as well as cover letters and write CVs. They have the ability to create their own scientific texts and also a bachelor thesis in English.

Hochschule Fresenius Content [56 Teaching Units]

  • Writing Process – 10 Teaching Units
    • Types of Scientific Papers
    • Researching
    • Source Evaluation
    • Development of Critical Thinking
    • Quotes
    • Formulate Concrete Summaries
  • Writing Models – 18 Teaching Units
    • Reports and Short Essays
    • Case Studies
    • Literature Reviews
    • Abstracts
    • Questionnaire Design
    • Long Essays
  • Business Writing – 28 Teaching Units
    • Style Guides
    • Emails
    • Writing Text for Web Pages
    • Cover Letter
    • Business Letters and Communication
    • CVs for International Addressees

Pre Grad Academic Skills (Pace University) = Academic and Business Writing

Learning Outcome

Students have theoretical and practical knowledge about academic writing skills and criteria. They can research, evaluate and reference academic literature in a suitable manner. Students understand and explain empirical research techniques. Furthermore, they understand the core concepts of a sound self and time management. Students are able to develop a unique scientific topic by elaborating adequate research questions/hypotheses in the framework of an academic paper. Evaluating relevant literature and transferring ideas into a new context as well as developing a good self and time management are the competences and necessary skills, which they can apply in the context of their own course of studies.


  • Introduction of the Generic Topics for the Semester
  • Self and Time Management
  • Principles of Science
  • Principles of Academic Writing
  • Choice of Topic and research Question
  • Research and Evaluation of Literature