Ms. Nayar was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) and has lived in many countries over the past years. She studied internationally in Germany, France, Norway and the UK to name a few but has called New York home since 2001.

Ms. Nayar earned her Bachelors degree from Adelphi University’s Honors College in Communications (Moving Image Arts) and Philosophy and a Masters from the New School in Media Studies / Media Education. Her research focuses on skills based learning methods and the role of technology in the evolution of pedagogy.

She has been working in German-American higher education since 2010 having joined Hochschule Fresenius in January 2016 representing the university’s North American operations and business development. Ms. Nayar serves as the Director of the study center in Midtown Manhattan where we host our German students every year. This includes the Integrated Semester Abroad program as well as other short term undergraduate and graduate programs.

Before 2010, Ms. Nayar worked in communications and advocacy for global not for profits including United Nations’ Childrens Fund and World Health Organization funded agencies. She has worked in various roles / capacities and is happy to share her experience and connections with Hochschule Fresenius students today.

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