Grundlagen der Unternehmenskommunikation

Public Relations is offered at Berkeley College

Addresses the journalistic and marketing foundation of public relations practices. This course explores the practical applications of crisis management and examines the integration of public relations, marketing, and advertising into customer relationship management and broader marketing communications campaigns.

Public Relations = Grundlagen der Unternehmenskommunikation

Learning Outcomes

The students recognize the specific requirements of modern corporate communication. On the basis of current communication models, they understand the different impact models of corporate communication and their problems. The students identify the possibilities of modern cross-media corporate communication in view of current target group regulations and campaign techniques. Students transfer this knowledge to the support function of media planning and its relevant parameters for efficient corporate communication.

The students view modern corporate communication as cross-media, stakeholder-oriented action. They take into account basic models of communication theory and sociology in their planning and are able to take these into account independently in the development of campaigns. They are also able to understand and develop inter- and intramedia plans related to key figures.


  • Introduction to Corporate Communications
  • Basics of communication
  • Basic Models of Communication Theory
  • Basic models of the communication effect
  • Modern corporate communications
  • Campaign basics
  • Basics of campaign development
  • Basics of media planning