Analyse und Kontrolle im Marketing Management

Special Topics – Marketing Management: Analysis, Implementation and Control is offered at Berkeley College

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to corporate marketing management and marketing strategy, with a particular emphasis on research, analysis, organization, implementation, and control. In contrast to an introductory marketing class, this course approaches marketing management and strategy mostly from the viewpoint of larger corporations.

Learning Outcome Analysis and Control in Marketing Management

Students acquire basic knowledge of consumer behavior and learn the marketing-oriented application of market research methods. Students will be able to apply the psychological constructs and mechanisms that influence consumer behavior. Students can evaluate the conceptual backgrounds, the problems and the key figures of controlling in the field of marketing and apply the supporting tasks for planning, controlling and monitoring tasks in the marketing management process. The students can also derive the contents and constructs necessary for strategic and operative marketing planning and transfer them into the development of a well-founded (market research) study design. They are able to plan the most important marketing-relevant research methods. You will be able to make reliable decisions about the procedures and methods to be applied and to develop and implement research concepts based on these decisions. In the interface to strategic and operative marketing management, they can analyze and interpret the results and are able to derive recommendations for strategic and operative marketing management from these findings.


Analysis and Methods in Marketing Management

  • marketing information needs
  • consumer behavior
  • measurement of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • attitude and image research
  • measurement of brand strength and brand value
  • product research
  • communication research
  • price research
  • sales and distribution research
  • special methods of marketing-oriented market research

Controlling in Marketing Management

  • introduction to the subject matter
  • strategic marketing controlling
  • operational marketing controlling
  • implementation of marketing controlling