Staffing is offered at Berkeley College

An introduction to the methods and practices related to recruitment, selection, and retention of employees. Explores the strategic role of staffing in modern business organizations. Students will learn various techniques for attracting and retaining human talent in an organization.

Learning Outcomes Personnel Diagnostics

The students are familiar with the theoretical principles of psychologically sound personnel selection and know empirically validated and practically meaningful diagnostic instruments in working life. They have knowledge of methods and instruments of personnel diagnostics and recruitment, of recognised quality standards in professional practice and of professional context and working conditions. They understand personnel diagnostics as an ethically and legally relevant field of application of business psychology. The students are able to independently and responsibly apply psychological and personnel-diagnostic procedures in the work context. From the existing repertoire of possible techniques they can name and select adequate instruments according to their requirements. They can reflect and represent this approach against a background of personnel management and fall back on the relevant quality standards and legal framework conditions.


  • integration of aptitude diagnostics into human resources management
  • history of personnel selection and influence of personnel policy
  • theoretical basics for aptitude diagnostics
  • methods and instruments of aptitude testing and recruitment
  • personnel management conditions
  • ethical and labor law principles
  • quality and benefit analysis
  • application: conception and planning of aptitude diagnostic projects