August 2022

In today’s professional world, communication skills are playing an exceptional role in placing you at an advantage. Join Hochschule Fresenius in New York City for a 3-week intensive workshop on Personal Branding that will focus on how to improve your communication and soft skills. Our three-week program will groom you to put your best foot forward all the time making sure you are able to take advantage of the opportunities available to you in the capital of the world!

  • First Day Orientation with Coffee + Pastries
  • Metrocard included!
  • New York Landmark Views Building (One World Observatory, Empire State, etc)
  • Two Group Activities (Yankee Stadium, Bowling, Food Tour, etc)
  • Closing Lunch
  • Company Visits (subject to availability)

Sample Schedule Subject to Change and Availability

Week1Personal Branding 1. Compelling Your Audience 2. Authentic Narrative 3. Consistency | Breakfast Registration + Beginning of WorkshopPersonal Branding 4. Living Your Personal Brand 5. Brand and Reputation | One World ObservatoryNetworking 1. Value of Creating Diverse Networks 2. Networking as a Learned Skill 3. Networking Viewed as Nurturing Relationships v. Hunting for Relationships | Company Visit 1Networking 4. Tools to Overcome Shyness and Introversion 5. Art of Listening 6. Reinforcing Your Brand Identity through Networking 7. Following up with NetworksBusiness English Workshop 1. Resume Bootcamp | Columbia University Tour
Week2Risk Taking and Communication 1. When to Shift Communication Strategy 2. Identifying Repeatitive Ground Hogs Day Communication PatternsBowlingRisk Taking and Communication 3. The Fallacy of Mimicking Communication Styles 4. Calculated Shift in Communication vs. Impulsive Shift in Communication 5. Staying True to Your Personal Brand | BowlingCommunication Fundamentals 1. Preparing for Your Audience and Connecting 2. Non-Verbal Communication Techniques 3. Adapting to Different Situations | Company Visit 2Communication Fundamentals 4. Public Speaking – How to Organize and Deliver Presentaitons 5. How to Cultivate a Leadership Identity through Communication | Metropolitan Museum TourBusiness English Workshop 1. English for communication at workspace and English for job interviews 2. English for networking
Week3Leadership 1.Authentic Leadership and Collaborative Leadership 2. Transformational Leadership 3. Moving From Command and Control to Cultivate and CoordinateAgility in an Evolving Workspace 1. Linear and Bureaucratic vs. Decentralized Structure 2. Flat Hierarchies | Baseball Game or Broadway ShowAgility in an Evolving Workspace 3. Cross Functional Teams 4. Culture and People | Company Visit 3Future of Work 1. New Communication Tools 2. 24/7 Access 3. On Demand Services and CommunicationBusiness English Workshop 1. Cross Cultural and Cross Border Communication 2. International Teams 3. Diversity Sensitivty| Closing Reception