Assigned during Session 1; Due in Session 2 (Wednesday, September 4)

  • Read Eileen Fisher case study articles.

Assigned during Session 2; Due in Session 3 (Friday, September 6)

  • Read Stella McCartney case study articles. 
  • Think about the 3 pillars framework.
  • Identify core values for Stella’s brand.
  • Do quick SWOT chart for brand.
  • Map out 3 sustainability pillars for Stella’s brand.

Assigned during Session 2; Due in Session 6 (Wednesday September 11, morning session)

  • Identify a mega-trend, trend OR innovation opportunity (only one in total).
  • Identify where it is in its lifecycle. Map it.
  • Support it with 3-5 visuals
  • Tell its story: WHO WHAT WHERE WHY HOW?
  • Prepare 2-5 PDF pages capturing your findings.
  • Come to class prepared to share with our group in a 5-minute presentation slides to our group that will be followed by questions and comments.

Assigned during Session 2; Due in Session 7 (Wednesday September 11, afternoon session)

  • Identify a brand that resonates with your personal strengths, weaknesses & aspirations.
  • Why did you select brand?
  • Identify the brand’s 3-6 main core values.
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis (with 5-10 items/section).
  • Map out the brand’s three pillars.
  • Prepare 2-5 PDF pages.
  • Come to class prepared to present for 5 minutes followed by questions and comments from class.

Assigned during Session 3; Due in Session 4

  • Create your own personal SWOT chart of STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.
  • Come to class prepared to share in 2-3 sentences what you learned about yourself during the exercise.