Training and Development is offered at Berkeley College

This course is a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to developing training programs based on a needs-centered model of training and performance improvement. Provides students with a background in learning theory and instructional design required to develop training programs.

Learning Outcome Personnel Development

Students are familiar with theoretical models such as practical requirements of personnel assessment and development. They are familiar with detailed planning, implementation and evaluation processes, which on the one hand promote individual professional competence and on the other hand secure the long-term competitiveness of the company. The students have a rich repertoire of instruments for personnel assessment and development at their disposal and reflect these in a targeted manner. They are familiar with the demands of international economic cooperation on both employees and companies and skillfully translate their basic knowledge into various application contexts. Students are able to develop and critically assess methods and concepts of professional performance assessment in order to identify potentials and personnel development needs and to derive appropriate interventions. They fall back on various theoretical and empirically founded positions and are thus able to design content aspects of personnel development on the basis of one another, optimise the transfer into everyday working life and evaluate the effects of personnel development. Against the background of the increasing importance of international cooperation, they are also able to take intercultural aspects (e.g. intercultural competence, intercultural communication) into account in their work.


  • Personalbeurteilung zur Ermittlung des Personalentwicklungsbedarfs
  • Methoden der Beurteilung
  • Kompetenzmanagement und Kompetenzmodellierung
  • Anwendung: Personalbeurteilung, Mitarbeitergespräche und Zielvereinbarung
  • Grundlagen der Personalentwicklung
  • Bausteine der Personalentwicklung
  • Interventionen und Instrumente der Personalentwicklung
  • Personalführung und die Entwicklung von Führungskräften
  • Anwendung: Personalentwicklungsprogramme
  • Auslandsentsendungen
  • Interkulturelle Kompetenz und Kommunikation
  • Evaluation von Personalentwicklungsmaßnahmen
  • Strategische Verknüpfung der Personalentwicklung mit der Unternehmensstrategie