2018 Update: In recent semesters, Hochschule Fresenius students have shared trouble with their apartments through New York Next. They shared that they had trouble receiving their deposits back and/or last minute cancellations / changes.  

New York Next was established in order to assist international students and professionals during their transition in New York. Living in New York is a dream for many and our goal is to make this dream come true. The company consists of a team well-established in New York with a wide international network. Many of our students have utilized New York Next’s services in the past semesters.

You can email the founder of the company directly at fred@newyorknext.com and mention that you are a student at HS Fresenius. That way you will get a 10% discount! Fredrik was an exchange student at Pace University 5 years ago coming from Norway and understands first hand the need for our students to get something safe and affordable.