Good afternoon New York Fall 2019 Cohort,

I hope you are having a great start to your fall semester. This is week 1 of a 12-week semester…trust me when I tell you, time flies in New York City, so make your lists of all that you intend on doing while here. Before that however, here are some friendly reminders:


Please make sure you can log in to Berkeley College and Pace University systems. If your username / password does not work, please contact:

Please keep me in CC so that I can jump in if required.

When you log in, make sure you are enrolled in the right courses for you. If you are not sure, please contact me ASAP.


Attendance is mandatory both at Berkeley College and Pace University. If you are going to miss a class or have missed a class – please write to the instructor requesting accommodation (for missed material if possible or applicable) and keep me in CC. It is your responsibility to communicate as soon as feasible and email is the only proof of communication. If you are unsure whether your absence may affect your grade, talk to your professor about it.  

Extra-Curricular Activities:

I want to make this semester exciting and professionally advantageous for each one of you. Towards that end, I will offer activities and networking opportunities in the coming weeks. Most of them, due to logistical reasons, are limited sign ups. If you missed signing up for something but really want to go, reach out to me and I will do my best to see if I can help make that possible for you. The password for the Eventbrite events will be ‘fresenius’. As you have experienced, if Hochschule Fresenius New York is organizing the event, then we use Eventbrite as a platform to communicate details about the event, number of spots available, and other necessary information. If there are tickets involved, I will write that in the description box so please read the entire event!

Hochschule Fresenius Upcoming Events:

For other non-Hochschule Fresenius Events:

All events in our events calendar: (Hochschule Fresenius organized events are highlighted blue)


Berkeley College has a careers department that can help you with finding an internship, however, you need to attend their resume / career workshop. There is one coming up on the 30th: If you want to attend but cannot because you have class at Pace University, please contact me immediately.
If for some reason you are not interested in participating in the workshop, but would rather “do it yourself”, that might be also possible. You can check internship offers that pass my desk here: Be warned that doing it yourself means that Berkeley College will not be connecting you with their contacts but rather, you will do the legwork of finding internships yourself. Here is some information on internships:

In review, I post events that might be of interest to you here:

Some offers / opportunities are categorized below:

I hope you don’t need medical attention, but if you do, my recommendations are here:

Have a great week and welcome aboard!