Welcome to your New York Semester. Your local point of contact is Ms. Priya Nayar.
Here is a quick checklist / overview of information you need to know:

  1. Registration
    • Invitation Letter to your New York semester (which included the visa processing documents from Berkeley College) has been received by you already. This was sent to you by Hochschule Fresenius in Germany. If you have any concerns during this process please contact your CCIS office.
    • Please bring this letter with you to the United States as it is helpful for you to have the information.
  2. Accommodation Options in New York
  3. Culture Week Sign Up for Activities
    Please sign up for activities in the events / calendar section of this website or from the list below. The password for all eventbrite registrations is ‘fresenius‘. Please use the eventbrite to sign up only for yourself. Friends and family members who are traveling with you are not invited and can meet you after the event. AMD Students do not participate in the Pace University Orientation.
  4. Internship
    • If you are interested in pursuing an internship in the United States – read our internship information page. Write to Ms. Nayar at the earliest if this is something you are actively pursuing. 
  5. Emergency Protocol + Critical Information
    • Please register yourself in the German Federal Foreign Office so that you are updated about critical information during your time in the United States. Register yourself at the Auswaertiges Amt Database. Additionally, please share the following website information with your parents and caregivers about emergency services. For medical information click HERE
    • Once you have a local US phone number please download the Hochschule Fresenius resource contact card (details below) so you have access to updated numbers for Hochschule Fresenius (New York), Berkeley College and Pace University. 
  6. Bafoeg
  7. Gym
    • We offer discounted gym memberships for 3 months at the New York Sports Club. Please sign up at your local CCIS office before arriving in New York. You can also write to priya.nayar@hs-fresenius.de with any questions. 
    • If you like to get your own membership at one of the many gym options in New York, we can recommend the option of Equinox. Here is a referral link – you can talk to the membership department there for a potential waiver of initiation fees. Approx. membership is 250$ per month.

Please download Hochschule Fresenius resource contact card once you have a US / local phone. Text “fresenius” to the following number from your mobile phone (that you will use in the United States) +15055444999 (this resource is free to all students).

Click Here to learn about your Majors in New York


  • 2019 Fall Integrated Semester Abroad
    This is the evaluation for the overview of the program.
  • 2019 Fall Evaluation Semester Abroad – Lectures
    Please refresh for each course you review – so if you’re taking 5 courses, please fill it out 5 different times using the drop down for each course.