Article from: German Girl in America

German weekend breakfasts have a reputation for being delightful drawn out meals with loads of special things on the table… Aufschnitt, Brötchen, soft boiled eggs and fruit. But German EASTER Breakfast takes it up a notch. I’m not much of a morning person, but I was always happy to hop out of bed to enjoy this special meal with my family. Maybe it’s because Easter is one of the few holidays I was able to enjoy IN Germany…. Still,  even today, we make Easter Breakfast a special lingering meal that everyone truly enjoys.

At home, my mother and I would always set the Easter Table the night before. A little extra care would go in to making sure that the white tablecloth was smooth, and that the perfect springtime table topper fit over it. The “good dishes” that she got for her wedding would come out of the cabinet, and so would the silverware and nice napkins. A centerpiece of flowers would go in the middle of it all, along with some bunny ornaments to make the table look extra festive.

The next morning, (after the egg hunt) we would find a special chocolate bunny or chocolate egg on our plate!

The table would be finished off with Brötchen (if we could get them!) or other breads. A sweet Easter Wreath was there to satisfy my mother’s craving for sweet yeast dough! Of course, everyone got an Ei (a soft boiled egg) in a special egg cup with their own spoon and salt shaker. Earlier in the week, a special trip to the German Store would have happened, so now there was a plate with fresh Westfalisches Schinken, Gelbwurst, Blutwurst, Jagdwurst und Salami! And the Cheese… my mother could live from cheese, so we always had a lot. Jam, honey and Nutella were all on the table too… and of course… Gute Butter (the good butter)!

Looking for something a little heartier? Why not do what my cousin does … make a Käse Wurst Salat! A Fruit Salad is a delicious fresh addition, as is some yogurt. And of course, don’t forget the O-saft (orange juice)!

To finish off the table, scatter a few little chocolate eggs around for people to nibble as they sip their coffee. (Just be careful NOT TO SET HOT PLATES on them).

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