German Accelerator Tech in New York invites you to German Startup Night, an exciting startup pitch and networking event on March 22, 2018, at 6 pm. To RSVP Click HERE.

German Startup Night will feature pitches from five German Accelerator Tech portfolio companies, including 360dialog, CleanTechnica, InkittN26, and ProGlove. They will receive feedback from an expert panel consisting of top investors, followed by ample networking opportunities. Food and drinks will be served.

Pitching Companies:

360dialog – 360dialog is the most advanced mobile conversation hub, helping brands (re)engage and convert their audience while maximizing customer lifetime value and enhancing the customer journey. Its multi-channel messaging engine lets you connect all mobile touchpoints for personalized 1-to-1 conversations with your customers.

CleanTechnica – CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news and analysis website in the U.S. and the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage. It is part of Important Media – a network of 20 progressive blogs working to make the world a better, greener place.

Inkitt – Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, offering an online community for talented authors and book lovers. Write captivating stories, read enchanting novels, and we’ll publish the books you love the most based on crowd wisdom.

N26 – N26 is Europe’s first Mobile Bank with a full European banking license and is setting new standards in banking. N26 has redesigned banking for the smartphone, making it simple, fast and contemporary. Manage your money directly in-app and pay with your card anywhere in the world. All your finances are right at your fingertips.

ProGlove – ProGlove is a developer of smart gloves that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer, and more ergonomic. Process steps can be documented hands-free whilst the user receives instant feedback. Therefore, ergonomics, efficiency, and quality can be improved.