At Out in Tech, we unite the LGBTQ+ tech community through regular events and volunteer opportunities. We design our experiences around making tech more inclusive and representative of groups historically barred from the world’s most influential careers — whether they identify as queer, female, trans, black, Latino, or any intersection thereof. We’re building a global community because we believe that people working in (or curious about) tech live everywhere, not just in large cities. Our approach is to build the confidence and credentials of LGBTQ+ folks to unleash a new wave of tech talent. The CEO of the world’s most valuable company is a gay man, after all.

The Marketing Associate will run campaigns from start to finish, beginning with event announcements via targeted email and social, moving through the registration process, to the on-site visual branding and beyond — keeping our member experience strong AF. As a global non-profit operating in 10 cities, this role requires a lot of collaboration as you partner closely with our city leadership teams to get the word out about local events, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, mentorship, and more.

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