The AMNH is one of New York’s top museum destinations. Click Here for AMNH’s Plan Your Visit website. Local Tip – if you are not planning on going for the special exhibits, you do not need to purchase ‘full price’ tickets.┬áPay-what-you-wish admission is available only at ticket counters, where the amount you pay is up to you (you could pay as little as 1cent to get in if you choose). If you plan on visiting the special exhibits – you would be paying a student rate of about 27$ (as of July 30, 2018 rates posted online).

We strongly recommend that you take a free tour of the museum’s exhibits. These tours do not include the special exhibits but instead take you on a journey of the guide’s favorites. Every tour that you go on will be different in small or big ways – it depends on the guide! Learn about the artists who paint the exhibits, walk around Dinosaur fossils, visit Lucy, ask questions and be prepared to be mesmerized. There is something for everyone. Of course the most famous is the planeterium but there is plenty to do even if you do not get the special exhibit ticket!