Monday August 6, 2018 until Friday August 17, 2018

In two weeks, in the world’s financial and entrepreneurial capital, you will have the opportunity to learn about the secrets behind startup companies. You will develop a digital product from start to the pitch line and have valuable experiences on innovative thinking.

Come join us at Hochschule Fresenius’s New York campus to begin your entrepreneurship journey!

Learning Objectives

  • The goal of the intensive workshop is that our master students acquire the theoretical and practical basics of entrepreneurship and startup management in the digital economy.
  • At the end of two weeks, you will be familiar with the essentials of entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial behavior as preconditions for sustainably successful action in the startup environment as well as in existing organizations (intrapreneurship).
  • You will possess the necessary competence to develop viable business models in the digital economy.
  • You will be able to write and evaluate business plans for successful entrepreneurial as well as intrapreneurial initiatives.
  • Furthermore, you would identify and apply analytical and methodological tools for discovering opportunities and managing risk in digital startups.


  • Optional accommodation service through our Masters-Weeks partner International-House is available for 70$ per night.
    • Learn more by clicking HERE. Room availability: Saturday August 4, 2018 (check-in) until Sunday August 19, 2018 (check-out)
    • Please complete the application form available here -> I-House Application Form <- Send the completed form to Brett Cameron or you can call I-House and mention you are a Fresenius student in the Masters Weeks to make a reservation.
    • For a Virtual Tour click HERE. On the bottom, Select I-House South Room, that is the type of room. Please note that there is no airconditioning in this room.
    • We have rooms blocked for you to reserve until Friday July 20, 2018. After that it will be at the discretion of I-House if they have rooms available.
  • For other accommodation options click HERE (not specific for the summer Masters’ Weeks)
  • Food Options close to campus. There are plenty of cafes, shops, and restaurants in the area. Here is a very small list of places I can recommend for you to try if you are looking for ideas.
  • Feel free to check out the Events Calendar portion of this website for happenings that might interest you.
  • Networking Events *downloads .doc file

Important Materials

Course Instructors

Tricia Striano Skoler, Ph.D.

Tricia will serve as the facilitator and instructor for the 2 week intensive. She brings to the table extensive research skills along with an entrepreneurial spirit that manifests itself in building her business. Follow Tricia’s blog by CLICKING HERE.

Priya Nayar

Priya will develop the course along with Tricia and provide off-site contacts and networks.