DAAD “Parents Brochure” (“Studying in Germany – A Good Choice for Your Child”) in German and English.  

You will take 4 required courses. While attendance is not mandatory at Hochschule Fresenius, it is mandatory at Berkeley College, so you are required to attend all courses (of course if you are sick, then please inform your instructor and your contact at CCIS so they can make a note of it).

Buddy Program

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences has organized a Buddy Program for each Berkeley College student in the Study Abroad program. You will be introduced to your ‘buddy’ once the regular semester begins towards the end of September. Activity to be finalized.

Day Trip

Hochschule Fresenius would like to invite all Berkeley College students to an interesting and fun daytrip to Düsseldorf. We are going to visit the Hochschule Fresenius campus in Düsseldorf where you will meet future Berkeley College study abroad students and also attend a lecture; we will visit the Economic Development Agency NRW Invest who will give insights into North Rhine-Westphalia as a business hub – following this, we will explore the city and finish the day at the Christmas market with some “Glühwein” and tasty food. The excursion is part of your study abroad program, which is why we kindly ask you to attend. The costs of the trip are covered so you would only need to pay for expenses at the Christmas market. We will also organise your train tickets and will inform you at a later stage about when and where we will give them to you.

CSCMP Presentation 2018 [pdf] Mr. Jungen from NRW Invest has forwarded his presentation from 2018, so please have a look at the attachment.

Note: Europeans use business casual as an opportunity to show off their character and fashion sense. “Europeans know how to express themselves and be comfortable at the same time, while most Americans tend to think it’s mostly about just being comfortable,” said Patrick T Cooper, a US-based fashion consultant. Cooper recently returned from an extended trip to London where he was impressed by men “in two-button, peaked lapel, ticket pocket, double-breasted blazers with British spread collar shirts (no tie) and light wool slacks — all tailored, of course, to fit perfectly.” He said that women may have a tougher time with the business casual look in Europe, and thus may want to stick to their regular business attire, even when attending business casual events. “There’s no real letting your hair down when it comes to business attire for women. For women who normally wear suits at work, I would take it down just one notch for business casual, to a tailored pants suit or a poplin top and a pencil skirt. And never any flashy or dangly jewellery,” he advised. Excerpt from BBC Travel